style stalker – the fedora hat

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend.  Mike and I watched the UCF vs. Penn State game at Liam Fitzpatrick’s in Lake Mary.  The game was in Ireland on Saturday and started at 8:30 am here on the east coast.  The rest of the weekend was very low-key.  On Sunday we went for dinner at the new Shake Shack that opened in Winter Park.  The restaurant’s view is amazing as it sits right off Lake Killarney.  It was incredibly relaxing to sit at the fire pit (sans fire) to eat and watch the sunset.

The Labor Day weekend marks the end of summer and for most, you’ll see the weather start to change very soon.  Here in Florida the cooler weather won’t roll in for another month or so.  Regardless, I’m already starting to see a shift in fashion trends.  Light sweaters and touches of leather are popping up in fashion magazines and blogs.  One trend that I saw in the summer months was a light version of the fedora hat.  Now with fall rolling in, heavier fabric and darker colored fedora hats are hitting the scene.  So, let’s see the hat in action on some popular fashion bloggers…


Glam and Glitter

I love this particular look on Tamara’s blog, Glam and Glitter.  A sweater, ripped jeans, a bright cross body bag, classic black flats, and fedora hat definitely make for stylish casual fall look.  And, most of these pieces are already in our closets.


Pink Peonies

Rachel Parcell from Pink Peonies classes up the look with a Valentino handbag and pointed leopard flats.  A slightly more affordable alternative to the Valentino bag is a Michael Kors bag that mimics the studded detailing.  That small detailing is another fashion trend that has really taken off.


Peace Love Shea

This look from Peace Love Shea really jumps head on into fall.  A warm sleeveless animal hair jacket paired with deep red booties topped with a fedora hat is fashionable but doesn’t scream too overly trendy.  Classics pieces kicked up a notch with muted color is great for the fall and winter months.



The Sweetest Thing

White on Labor Day?  I think the old stigma of packing away white garments after labor day is gone.  White is perfectly acceptable for every time of year.  It’s about how you wear it and what you wear it with.  The Sweetest Thing blog transitions into fall nicely with a dark handbag, booties, and a taupe fedora hat.  The white shirt dress doesn’t scream summer with those added pieces.  This look is simple and feminine.



Eat Sleep Wear

This look from the Eat Sleep Wear blog combines a bunch of fall trends; booties, camo, black leather accessories, and a fedora hat.  It’s a great illustration of how to pair a hat for the season.  I love this look on Kimberly.


So, what do you think?  Will you be wearing this trend in the fall and winter months?  Here are some options if you are thinking about it…


Gray Marl Braid Felt Fedora Hat • Asos • $38.69
Black Felt Fedora Hat • Dorothy Perkins • $25.00
Felt Fedora Hat With Plait Braid • Asos • $23.22
Women’s Floppy Felt Fedoras • Old Navy • $18.00

xo, Maria

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6 thoughts on “style stalker – the fedora hat

    • I think if we wait long enough we’ll see styles come back around, but with a slight twist. I love hats, especially this version. Hats are always great for keeping your face out of the sun with the added bonus of covering up bad hair days. 😉


  1. I really like the color of the asos one. I actually don’t have a “fall” fedora hat but will definitively look for one this season. Fedoras are always in style season after season so getting one will be a great investment. Thanks for sharing Maria! Blessings to you and lots of xoxo.


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