fashion week new york and central florida…


Photo Sheer Design

New York Fashion Week is in full swing.  I’ve been consistently bombarded with images on television, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.   Most people seem fascinated by the luxurious clothing worn by the show attendees while others love to see the future 2015 spring/summer trends.  The ostentatious nature of it all can overwhelm and cast a shadow on the true beauty of the event.  Don’t get me wrong, I love gawking at the luxurious handbags and shoes just as much as the next girl.  There is just so much more to it all.  The creativity behind the designs astounds me.  Countless hours perfecting everything from as small as a hemline to as large as a catwalk , but the one thing that touches me is that events like NYFW support many charitable organizations.  For the millions of dollars spent on garments and accessories, millions are donated to not-for-profit organizations.  This year, on the last day of the event, the Art Hearts Fashion event will be supporting the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.  To read more about the event and this year’s NYFW please follow these links…


Photo Hey Mishka

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2015 Spring/Summer

NYFW 2015 Spring/Summer Schedule

Art Hearts Fashion presented by AIDS Healthcare Foundation


Since going to NYFW wasn’t an option I started looking into events in my area.  Guess what?  Central Florida does have a number of upcoming fashion events that support some truly great causes.  Here are highlights to three local events…



Photo Millenia Mall Fashion Week

The Mall at Millenia Fashion Week – this event will begin this Friday and will run through next Thursday (9/12/14 – 9/18/14).  This fun-filled fashion week’s charity is Runway to Hope.  Runway to Hope is an organization that supports Central Florida children and families with pediatric cancer.



Photo XL106.7

Headdress Ball 2014 – September 20, 2014 at the Hilton Orlando off International Drive.  This event is an all out black-tie Vegas style production with entertainers, food, and an outrageous show of headdresses.  Proceeds go to the Hope and Health Center of Central Florida.   This organization provides support to those with HIV and AIDS in the Central Florida area.



Park Avenue Fashion Week – This event runs from October 25,2014 through November 1, 2014 with the fashion show on November 1st.  There are general and VIP admission tickets available for the fashion show and the proceeds help support The Foundation for Foster Children.  The Foundation helps foster children in the area by supporting activities such as extra tutoring, dance, and other activities that would normally be unaffordable.

These aren’t just glamorous events, they are extraordinary opportunities to celebrate the beauty and creativity in life  while giving back to the community.

Thanks for reading!

xo, Maria

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