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Too Faced has captivated me this season with their sensational holiday palettes. La Belle Carousel is truly beautiful, from its delicate and fun packaging to its range of eye shadow colors. This review and swatch post has definitely been one of the most fun ones so far! I was so thrilled to open the carousel and carefully remove each palette. The packaging is genius as it creates five individual palettes that can be given as gifts with “To:” and “From:” already printed on the back of each. Not to mention that it also includes a small Better Than Sex Mascara.  So, these little beauties would make sweet surprise stocking stuffers (say that fast ten times, lol).  But, first let me delve into the details of the eye shadows, blushes, and bronzers.

As I mentioned, this set consists of five small make-up palettes and a small mascara.  There are three eye shadow palettes and two blush/bronzer palettes.  The light purple palette contains one blush and one bronzer:  Who’s Your Poppy? (shimmery coral blush)  and Chocolate Soleil (medium matte bronzer).  The light yellow palette also contains one blush and one bronzer:  Luminous Peach (shimmery peach blush) and Sun Bunny Dark (shimmery bronzer).  The light pink palette contain four eye shadows:  Nutcracker (slightly glimmer ivory), Nude Beach (shimmery light nudish-gold), Boxes & Bows (shimmery light peach/rose), and Sugar Plum Fairy (shimmery plum).  The light peach palette contains four eye shadows:  Tufted Suede (matte nude), Angel Hair (shimmery light copper/gold), Haute Chocolate (shimmery copper), Yule Log (shimmery brown).  The light green palette also contains four eye shadows:  Frost (light silver shimmer), Tin Soldier (silver shimmer), Christmas Tree (deep green shimmer), and Santa’s Boots (charcoal shimmer).

Let me start with my favorites things in this set, the blushes and bronzers.  I was already a fan of Chocolate Soleil.  The one I have in my make-up drawer is almost “hitting pan”.  The smell is memorizing, opening a make-up case with this bronzer in it smells like opening a jar of hot cocoa mix.  The rich matte finish of Chocolate Soleil is something I’ve built into my daily make-up routine.  So, this was already a winner in my book.  Sun Bunny Dark is a shimmery version of Chocolate Soleil, and I see myself using it when I want a little more of a luminous look.  I think that’s why they paired it with the Luminous Peach blush.  The color of both these blushes matches my olive skin tone.  Who’s Your Poppy is a wonderful shimmery coral that is a wonderful alternative to Nars’ Orgasm.  These two palettes will be what I go to almost each and every day.

The three La Belle Carousel eye shadow palettes have such a wide variety of colors, together or individually.  I love how deep and rich the green of the Christmas Tree eye shadow is.  That palette was probably inspired by walking through a snow covered Christmas tree farm.  As least that’s what I imagined when I opened it.  Sugar Plum Fairy is another one of my favorite colors, and it looks just as it sounds.  Sugar Plum Fairy like.  What more can I say?  My favorite of the three, is the light peach palette with Tufted Suede and Haute Chocolate.  Those are the colors I gravitate towards.  I like soft nude eye looks with hints of glitter.  That basically describes that entire four eye shadow palette.  Too Face’s eye shadows are nicely pigmented, and the quality is pretty good.  I think eye shadow primer is a must for all of these.

The Too Faced holiday set also has a Better Than Sex Mascara.  This was something I’ve wanted to try for a very long time.  One of my neighbors had mentioned it to me while we were on a girls’ trip to St Simmons Island.  If you’ve seen pictures of me, you’ll know that my lash game is weak.  And, by weak, I mean nonexistent.  While I only used it once, my first reaction was that I actually could see something along the line of lashes appear from nowhere.  That is pretty good for me.  I think someone with true lashes would have to review this to give it true credit.  Another fun item in the set was a pamphlet that show how to wear four different looks:  La Belle, La Vie en Rose, La Bonne Nuit, and Sweet Soiree.  It details which shades to use, and illustrates where to apply it.

I hope that you enjoyed this review.  If you have last-minute shopping to do, I think this would take care of a few people on your list in one sweep (make-up pun intended).  But, act really fast because these are going out of stock quickly!  I tried to find the Melted Kisses Holiday Set that I reviewed, and they are all gone.

Too Faced La Belle Carousel, Sephora, Ulta, & Macy’s – I believe this might actually be sold out already.  If it’s not at any of these places, jump on the chance.  Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Better Than Sex Mascara , Beauty Wishes and Sweet Kisses, or Under the Mistletoe would be great stocking stuffers too!

Xo, Maria



I would like to thank Too Faced for supplying me with the La Belle Carousel make-up set.  All views and opinions in this post are truly honest and my own, independent of Too Faced.  It was a true delight sampling and reviewing this make-up set.


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