Last Minute Holiday Wish List


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Happy Friday!  Only a few more days until Christmas.  Here is my last-minute holiday wish list.  I think of all the items, what I’m desperately wishing for are some comfy holiday pajamas.

Hope you all have fun getting in that last-minute shopping for your loved ones.

Xo, Maria


8 thoughts on “Last Minute Holiday Wish List

  1. I love the PJ’s very much. I am also very much in need of a couple PJ days where I do nothing but watch movies and sip on Chai lattes. This year will be the first Christmas Eve that I don’t have a party at my house (yes, my family loves having parties on Christmas Eve!) so I am looking forward to a super relaxing evening. I am not completely done with my holiday shopping. I still need to get a pair of Hunter boots for my oldest daughter. I am having a challenging time finding her size. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Take care my friend:-) Jeannette

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