Inspirational Quotes to Brighten Your Day




Life has been wonderful lately, and I’m so thankful for the opportunities that have fallen onto the path that I’ve travelled on.  With more opportunity always comes added work and responsibilities.  So, how is it that life becomes riddled with stress and worry?  Especially when we are being handed all the things we’ve asked for?  Sometimes, it just takes a moment to focus.  Focus on all the good that surrounds us, like the beautiful family and friends that fill our lives with joy and laughter.  Focus on the big picture, and not let every little hiccup of the day take over.  On days that my hands are feeling severe pain, the little things get to me.  I have to consistently remind myself to, yes, “not sweat the small stuff.”  Every morning I wake up counting the things I feel thankful for, and every night I think of all the lovely moments that filled that day.  Those thoughts don’t come easily when things are rocky.  No one has a perfect life or a perfect day.  We all experience troubles, and our emotions spiral up and down with the passing of the circumstances of our lives.  The moments that we choose to spotlight lead us to feel happy or sad or thankful or mad.  So, let’s all take a moment to bring the good things in our lives into the spotlight.  Focus on the amazing things that are happening right now.

xo, Maria


13 thoughts on “Inspirational Quotes to Brighten Your Day

  1. Sometimes it helps to get focussed again on the bright things by writing down all the good and bad occasion that you were facing during your day. Personally I spend a daily half an hour on these reflections, and it helps to get me balanced again.

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