Beauty Battle: BB Creams vs CC Creams


BB creams and CC creams have been a part of my beauty routine for years.  This beauty trend is still going strong, and I’ve even heard of some brands coming out with DD creams.  Both BB and CC creams are mutitaskers.  BB (beauty balms) are a combination of primer, light foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer anti aging benefits.  CC (color corrector) creams are a combination of color correcting primer, light foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer packed with collagen boosters.  These are the basics, but beauty brands like to differentiate themselves by claiming other beauty benefits.  In my experience, BB creams tend to be heavier and thicker than CC creams.  One other thing to note is that both BB and CC creams only come in a few shades.  I’m currently alternating between Hydroxatone’s Anti-Aging BB Cream and Peter Thomas Roth’s CC Cream.  So, let me break these two down for you.

Hydroxatone-BB-Cream-SwatchI initially tried this product after falling in love with Hydroxatone’s Intensive Under Eye Treatment.  Hydroxatone’s Anti-Aging BB Cream is a great multitasker.  It actually has good coverage compared to others I’ve tried and sampled.  I love that it fights fine lines and wrinkles while protecting my skin with SPF 40.  I prefer to use it during the winter months when my skin is drier.  I definitely see this being great year round for normal to dry skin types.  I saw great results with consistent use after just a week.  My only issue with this product is how thick it is.  I could see that being something that some of you may prefer, especially for those of you that want better coverage from a BB cream.

Peter Thomas Roth’s CC Cream is the product I’m currently using.  I love how light weight and brightening this cream is.  It makes my skin glow as soon as I put it on.  It also protects with an SPF of 30 and packs in 30 times the vitamin C of an orange.  The Amazonian super fruit Camu Camu is said to improve collagen, boosting your skin’s radiance and firmness.  I think that over time it has definitely improved the over all brightness and texture of my skin.  I prefer this CC cream because of its light weight consistency and brightening properties.

Essentially, both these products have wonderful benefits.  Depending on your skin type and specific needs, one may be better than the other for you.  For me, Peter Thomas Roth’s CC Cream is the winner until I try something new.  If you aren’t currently on the BB or CC cream train, please hop on.  I think you’ll skin will thank you for some extra sun protection and skin perfecting ingredients.

xo, Maria


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