The Most Comfortable & Chic Pieces to Update Your Wardrobe

Comfortable-Beautiful-Chic-Wardrobe-PiecesWhite Off Shoulder Blouse  |  Delicate Necklace  |  Black Ruffle Shirt Reversible Tote  |  Maxi Dress  |  Gingham Dress  |  Sandals

When you stare into your closet do you find it hard to pull together comfortably stylish pieces? Do you say to yourself “I have nothing to wear”? I think we all go through that once a season, or even much more than that. We think of the perfect outfit to pull together, put it on, and throw it right back off.  Yes, we’ve all been there.  I’ve actually been experiencing this more and more lately.  I’ve asked myself why over and over again.  I think I’ve come up with THE answer.

We fall prey to many trends, and let that take precedence over comfort.  Too much color?  Too much pattern?  Too much intricate detailing?  Sometimes, we just need to fall back into a pattern of wearing what is simple.  Playing up closet staples with just a touch of the new.  Because at the end of the day we all just want to be comfortable, and look effortlessly chic too!

Blogging has made me more and more adventurous with my style choices.  Is it horrible to admit I miss simple silhouettes and black & white clothing?  I don’t think it is (I hope it’s not).  And, that’s why I’ve decided head back into the direction of timeless wardrobe items that I love.  I’ve started with this group of amazingly comfortable pieces.  I hope you enjoy them!

Classic, comfortable, & chic!

xo, Maria


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