3 of the Best Rose Skin Care Products Ever


These three rose skin care products are a few of my current favorites.  I’m on the second bottle of each one.  That speaks volumes because I don’t buy very many products over and over again.  Searching for the next greatest skin care product keeps me from repeat purchases.  But, these three have been worth a second go around.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray is a heavenly smelling rosewater.  I like to spray all over my face and neck after I’ve washed my face at night.  The aroma is so soft and gentle.  It is a relaxing treat at the end of a long day.  I’ve also used it randomly during the day, when at home.  It soothes dehydrated and rough skin, leaving a dewy glow all over.  I honestly can’t even describe it, you just have to try it!

I started using Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel because I was in search of a toner that was alcohol-free.  I had tried so many toners, and all of them would dry out my skin.  I finally figured out that they all had one thing in common, alcohol.  When I tried this product I was surprised at the pleasant smell of roses and aloe.  I use it only a few times a week when I feel I need a little extra cleansing.  An added bonus to is that some of the ingredients are certified organic, and paraben and phthalate free.

Last, but definitely not least, is the Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Moroccan Beauty Oil.  Andalou Naturals is a natural skin care line that I discovered a few years back.  I’ve tried a number of their products, and this one is my favorite so far.  I tried it because of the beauty oil trend.  I’m the first to admit that I didn’t buy into the trend at first.  I didn’t think that putting oil on my face would be a good thing, especially being that I have combination skin.  I don’t use this every day, and I use it very sparingly when I do use it.  The smell is a little strong, it smells like…well, 1000 roses in a little bottle.  Seriously, a tiny bit is all you need.  Just a dab all over the face and body leaves skin soft and glowing.

With the fall and winter months around the corner, the wonderful rosy smell of these three skin care products will keep spring and summer alive in your bathroom.  You can find these products here:  Mario Badescu Facial Spray, Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel, and Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Moroccan Beauty Oil.

xo, Maria

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Perfect Under Eyes with VII Code’s Oxygen Mask

Get perfect under eyes with Oxygen Eye Mask VII Code and Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

Oxygen Eye Mask VII Code and Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

Lately, I’ve struggled sleeping through the night.  I had surgery on my hand a few weeks ago, and I wake up often when I bump my hand.  My eyes looked so tired and, my under eye circles were worse than ever.  Luckily, I found an amazing eye mask that brought my eyes back to life!

VII Code’s oxygen mask has been a true life saver.  It’s the only thing that has kept me from looking like a zombie these few weeks.  I’ve tried so many things to cover my dark circles and bags that I started a collection of under eye concealers!  The issue was that, while some of those concealers were great, they only covered the problem.  I needed something to treat my under eyes.  I started using this eye mask at night, before I went to bed, and when I awoke I looked completely refreshed.  My circles and bags seemed to have disappeared. I also noticed a reduction of in my fine lines and that my skin was hydrated and soft.  Truly marvelous!

The eye mask has a mixture of essential vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, botanicals, peptides, and essential fatty acids.  So many wonderful ingredients packed into small little gel patches that work for up to 8 hours.  When you put the mask on you feel a cool, refreshing, and hydrating sensation right away.  The small gel patch gently fits around the eye area, and stays put through the night.  It feels comforting and relaxing as it does its magic.

In addition to VII Code’s oxygen mask, I also have the scoop on under eye concealers.  I’ve tried so many lately, that I’ve found my life long favorites.  So, if you’re still looking to brighten up and cover some troublesome areas here are some of my favorites.  Maybelline Age Rewind and MAC Pro Longwear are great multi purpose concealers.  Benefit Erase Paste and Benefit Eye Bright are for neutralizing dark circles and spots.  Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer is a wonderful brightening concealer that does wonders for adding a radiant glow.  Just a FYI that this stuff is hard to find!  Lastly, Mario Badescu Glycolic Eye Cream is a wonderful cream to combat fine lines and wrinkles.  I use it the nights I don’t use the oxygen mask.

So, to get that perfect under eye, light and bright, is within reach.  These two simple things are all you need to a refreshed, glowing look.   A great oxygen eye mask to help nourish the skin, and a good concealer to give an extra glow.  Give it a try, and let me know what you think.

xo, Maria

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Disclaimer: This product was provided by VII Code for me to sample. All views and opinions in this post are truly honest and my own, independent of VII Code.

Review of Too Faced Cosmetics Love Palette



Too Faced has out done themselves again with their new Love palette.  Three collections of eye shadows that coordinate perfectly.  This palette has a total of fifteen shades of shimmer, pearlescent, and matte shadows plus a black waterproof eyeliner.  These shadows are housed in a beautiful case that resembles a love letter trinket box.  Inside out, it is just simply beautiful.

Here are the colors included in the three collections , from left to right:

Pure Love – clockwise from the top are Cherish, Desire, Amorous, and Dearest. In the middle is Adore.
True Love – clockwise from the top are Smitten, Romance, Passion, and Obsessed. In the middle is Sweetie Pie.
Forbidden Love –  clockwise from the top are Devotion, Puppy Love, Everlasting, and Darling. In the middle is xoxo.

I read that the Co-Founder of Too Faced, Jerrod Blandino, was inspired to create this romantic and sensual palette after seeing a love letter in a local newspaper.  He succeeded in creating one of the prettiest palettes I’ve ever seen.  From romantic soft pinks and mauves to luxurious and sensual coppery tones, this palette will inspire you.  Each little collection evokes its own set of emotions that can be transformed into endless looks for day or night.

The quality of these shadows is as lovely as the packaging, and mirror the quality of their other eye shadows (check out this review).  This palette retails for $49, which comes to just over $3 per eye shadow.  For the price, the quality and color variation make this little pretty a must have for every beauty enthusiast!

xo, Maria


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Disclaimer: This product was provided by Too Faced for me to sample. All views and opinions in this post are truly honest and my own, independent of Too Faced.

BITE Beauty Watercolor Lip Glosses Review, Photos, & Swatches



This BITE Beauty lip gloss set is just breath-taking. The colors are soft, yet rich. The glosses glide on smoothly, giving off a translucent pop of color.   These 12 colors belong in an Impressionist artist set, with the range of colors varied enough to create anything the imagination can dream up.  The shine these pretty glosses gives off is unmatched.  Their uniqueness is in that combination, that of shine and translucent color.  The glosses float on the lips, creating an amazing radiance.  Unrelated to color, but even more important, BITE Beauty boasts  being free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates.  So, what’s not to love?  Price?  Nope.  These are on sale at Sephora for $24!  $2 per lip gloss!

Happy Monday!

xo, Maria


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Battle of the Dry Shampoos


Today’s post is a dual, a battle to the death.  Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh.  None the less, this is a battle where the winner takes the spot as my current go to dry shampoo.  I’ve experimented with a few different inexpensive dry shampoos for a few months now.  Dove was a long-standing favorite for a while, but I was tired of dealing with the white residue on my dark hair.  So, I’ve been testing out Batiste Dry Shampoo with a hint of color and TRESemme Volumizing Dry Shampoo.

Batiste Dry Shampoo with a hint of color was my favorite.  It was until the day I decided to wear a white shirt and white jeans.  I woke up that day, and ran through my normal morning routine.  I fed the dogs, took a shower, sprayed my hair with dry shampoo, and then I did my make up.  I finished off by toweling off some of the dry shampoo residue, and then went to get dressed.  It was a Saturday, and we had plans to go the farmer’s market.  As I was walking out the door Mike pointed out some dirt on my jeans and shirt.  I thought that was weird because I had just finished getting dressed.  When I went to look in the mirror, the horror.  I had what looked like brown streaks of dirt all over my clean white outfit!  Only it wasn’t dirt.  I have crazy long hair, and run my hands through my hair all the time.  So, that was that.  No way, no how, I’m going to make it through the day wearing this stuff without getting my light-colored clothing all dirty.  I wanted to deal with the daily struggle of not getting it all over myself because of the great texture it gave my hair.  But, nope, can’t do it.  I will be using this one up only on days I wear all black.  And, then I’ll be experimenting with Batiste’s Clean and Classic formula.

TRESemme is the winner of this battle, but only because of the technical difficulties on my part.  Otherwise, this battle would have been a tie.  All I can say for TRESemme is that every time I try a new dry shampoo I run back to this one.  I guess that says a lot.  It consistently does a great job of leaving my hair feeling dry and fresh without leaving a heavy white residue.  And, that is all I’m really looking for.

I hope you enjoyed this review, and that my dry shampoo blunder made you laugh a little.  If you have any inexpensive dry shampoos you love, please share your recommendations in the comments below.  I love reading all your comments, and take all your recommendations to heart!

xo, Maria


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Beauty Battle: BB Creams vs CC Creams


BB creams and CC creams have been a part of my beauty routine for years.  This beauty trend is still going strong, and I’ve even heard of some brands coming out with DD creams.  Both BB and CC creams are mutitaskers.  BB (beauty balms) are a combination of primer, light foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer anti aging benefits.  CC (color corrector) creams are a combination of color correcting primer, light foundation, sunscreen, and moisturizer packed with collagen boosters.  These are the basics, but beauty brands like to differentiate themselves by claiming other beauty benefits.  In my experience, BB creams tend to be heavier and thicker than CC creams.  One other thing to note is that both BB and CC creams only come in a few shades.  I’m currently alternating between Hydroxatone’s Anti-Aging BB Cream and Peter Thomas Roth’s CC Cream.  So, let me break these two down for you.

Hydroxatone-BB-Cream-SwatchI initially tried this product after falling in love with Hydroxatone’s Intensive Under Eye Treatment.  Hydroxatone’s Anti-Aging BB Cream is a great multitasker.  It actually has good coverage compared to others I’ve tried and sampled.  I love that it fights fine lines and wrinkles while protecting my skin with SPF 40.  I prefer to use it during the winter months when my skin is drier.  I definitely see this being great year round for normal to dry skin types.  I saw great results with consistent use after just a week.  My only issue with this product is how thick it is.  I could see that being something that some of you may prefer, especially for those of you that want better coverage from a BB cream.

Peter Thomas Roth’s CC Cream is the product I’m currently using.  I love how light weight and brightening this cream is.  It makes my skin glow as soon as I put it on.  It also protects with an SPF of 30 and packs in 30 times the vitamin C of an orange.  The Amazonian super fruit Camu Camu is said to improve collagen, boosting your skin’s radiance and firmness.  I think that over time it has definitely improved the over all brightness and texture of my skin.  I prefer this CC cream because of its light weight consistency and brightening properties.

Essentially, both these products have wonderful benefits.  Depending on your skin type and specific needs, one may be better than the other for you.  For me, Peter Thomas Roth’s CC Cream is the winner until I try something new.  If you aren’t currently on the BB or CC cream train, please hop on.  I think you’ll skin will thank you for some extra sun protection and skin perfecting ingredients.

xo, Maria

3 Amazing Beauty Oils You Need to Try


The beauty oil trend was something that I didn’t immediately jump on board with. Since I have combination skin and live in a tropical climate, I thought that adding oil to my skin and/or hair seemed like a bad idea. Slowly, I started to open my mind to the idea. I’ve done a bit of research and experimentation. I finally found a number of beauty oils that I love. I rotate many of them in and out of my daily beauty routine based on my skins current condition. I’d like to share the three I’m currently using; Squalane Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Bio Oil.


Squalane Oil is made from sugar cane.  It helps moisturize the skin, improving the look of fine lines.  I use it very sparingly on my face when the weather is dryer.  I occasionally use it on my legs and elbows to help soften the skin and improve the overall texture.  This version is a bit on the expensive side, so I don’t do that too often.  As you can see, I’m almost to the end of the bottle.  This oil is a little more light weight and breathable.  I feel like some oils are very heavy.  They seem to create a layer on top of the skin, wear as Squalane Oil really sinks into the skin giving great texture and radiance.


I typically use Sweet Almond Oil as the last step in my hair care routine.  This oil has a very soft neutral smell to it, and is packed with vitamins B and E.  It leaves my hair silky soft, but most importantly it controls frizz.  I live in Florida, and controlling frizz is my number one goal in the spring and summer months.  Just a tiny spread distributed over the hair is all you need.  I try to avoid the roots of my hair and concentrate on the ends.  I’ve read that Sweet Almond Oil is also a wonderful moisturizer, but I’ve only bought small bottles that have been marketed for hair.  I’m linking to a less expensive version that is also 100% pure and fragrance free.


Of theses three products, Bio Oil is my favorite.  If you can only try one of these products, this is the one you absolutely must try!  I say that because of its range of benefits, and it’s price point.  I’ve seen the best results with continued use of this beauty oil.  Bio Oil is great for ageing and dehydrated skin.  If you are not drinking around 3 liters of water a day, then your skin is dehydrated.  I think that is what is typically recommended, and I struggle with drinking that much water a day.  This is also perfect for helping diminish fine lines and melasma spots.  I am starting to suffer from both, and have noticed a great results with consistent use.  I use a very tiny amount all over my face at night.  I try to concentrate on my trouble spots; around the eyes and on my cheeks.  I’ve heard that it is great for stretch marks and scars too, but I don’t have any personal experience with that.  It is gives a great hydrated dewy feel.  And, in the morning my skin feels so soft and looks radiant.

 Each of these three beauty oils have amazing benefits.  Just remember that a little does go a long way!  And, as with anything, consistency is the key to seeing results.  The extra few seconds added to your beauty routine every day will make all the difference.  After all taking care of your body is a commitment that is essential for your well-being.  So, take that extra little step to treat yourself!

xo, Maria