I Love Rainy Days


It’s been raining almost everyday in the evenings.  The storm clouds and thunder are soothing.  Although, my miniature Schnauzer Bailey would disagree.  He fears the sounds so much that he jumps on me, trembling in absolute fear.  Is it bad that I like it because I get to cuddle with him?  Unfortunately for him, Florida is not letting up with its dramatic rain storms.  And, while he fears it, I embrace it.  The hypnotic sounds of the drops hitting the house, and steam that rises after the rain subsides is relaxing and therapeutic.  It is exactly what I need while I’m recovering.

I hope you have a wonderful day, and get to enjoy something that soothes your soul.

xo, Maria


Inspirational Quotes





Have you ever encountered a situation, or even a conversation, that was just plain difficult and/or awkward?  The idyllic hope is that some sort of closure will come about, but that never seems to happen.  Even the best of intentions backfire.  For me, difficult conversations with people I hardly know are extremely stressful.  Stress is a trigger for me to act differently and speak differently.  I’m sure most people go through some sort of anxiety in those situations that creates a personality deviation.  Insert stress, difficultly, (and maybe a glass of wine), and I tend to speak with an assertive direct tone.  I think that it can be misconstrued as confidence, probably even arrogance at moments.  It’s all driven by nervousness and insecurity.  Being vulnerable is a difficult thing, and my inner dialogue forcing me to speak keeps me from falling apart.  I’d rather just withdraw completely to avoid the whole thing, as I struggle with the delivery of words and messages in highly impactful conversations.  All I can say is that these situations haunt me.  Did I do the right thing?  Did I act the right way?  Did I say the right thing?  I always have the best of intentions and, I can only hope that came across in moments of awkwardness and stress.

I’m curious.  How do you react to difficult situations and/or conversations?


Inspirational Quote of the Day: Those Who Matter Don’t Mind


So, this quote of the day is perfect for how I’m feeling.  I’m giving myself the advice I always dish out.  When my friends tell me about drama in their lives, I ask them a simple question.  Twenty, thirty, or even forty years from now will you remember this?  The answer to that question is simple.  No.

Be who you are, say what you feel.  Because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.  – Dr Seuss

xo, Maria

Inspirational Quote of the Day: Shake It Off


Okay, so maybe this isn’t a life changing inspirational quote.  But, it is a great reminder to just let go.  After the long weekend I was able to shake off a few things that were weighing me down emotionally.  I just have to keep reminding myself to drop it.  And, so should you.  Just let it go.  I don’t know about you, but I over think everything.  It can be so exhausting and debilitating.  So, yup, that’s right, my goal for the day is to just shake it off.

xo, Maria